Tip41 tip42 amplifier diagram

TIP41G, TIP41AG, TIP41BG, TIP41CG (NPN), TIP42G, TIP42AG, TIP42BG, TIP42CG (PNP) www.onsemi.com 6 ORDERING INFORMATION Device Package Shipping TIP41G TO−220 This is 120W power amplifier

schematic using TO-3 package complementary transistors, NPN and PNP polarity. The well-known power transistor pair of 2N3055 and MJ2955 used in this circuit. This is a low cost 150 Watt amplifier circuit with diagram and schematic design using two Darlington power transistors TIP 142 and TIP 147. This amplifier circuit can deliver 150 Watt RMS. 12V battery to 5V

1.5A DC converter. If we need to use 12V to 5V voltage regulator. This is the 5V 1500mA DC regulator circuit. Which is a simple circuit using IC-7805, to the fixed regulator 5 volts and TIP41-NPN power transistor to increase current up to 2A. A

Single Device Solution to Enable IoT Applications DUAL INTERFACE NFC/RF + EEPROM TAGS The integration of EEPROM and NFC/RF connectivity allows data to be wirelessly written/retrieved from the device without powering the system The turns ratio of the transformer must be 1:19 in order to convert 12V to 220V. The transformer combines both the inverting signals to

generate a 220V alternating square wave output.

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